Vanille Meyer Lemon Oats + Chia Pudding. (GF/V) (7)

Overnight oats soaked in oat milk and meyer lemon, topped with cinnamon strawberry rhubarb compote and toasted pistachios.

Avocado Smash on Shewolf sourdough toast. Optional soft-boiled farm egg (+2). (DF) (8.5)

Smashed avocado, lime, pickled shallot, seasoned with dukkah*  *contains peanuts*

Toastie on Shewolf brioche (8.5)

Creamy mascarpone, piled with blood orange marmalade and toasted nuts, served on brioche

Smoked Whitefish Toast (12)

Acme smoked whitefish spread, red chili flakes, micro celery sprouts, red onion, soft-boiled farm egg on toasted Shewolf sourdough toast

Yogurt Bowl (GF) (8)

Whole, grass-fed yogurt, house-made apricot rose pistachio granola, seasonal fruit, cinnamon, toasted coconut

Frittata Muffin w seasonal veg (GF) (5)

Whole seasonal fruit available (1.5)


Weekdays: 11:30am-8pm

Weekends: 11am-8pm

Spring Salad (GF) Side: (7) Full: (10) (optional soft-boiled farm egg +2)

Mesclun greens, radicchio, roasted beets, supremed grapefruit and blood orange, crumbled feta cheese, and toasted walnuts with a citrus dijon dressing

Monk Bowl  (GF/DF/V) (10) (optional soft-boiled farm egg +2)

Black + brown rice, tahini spread, cucumber salad, za’atar, roasted cauliflower and rainbow baby carrots, pickled red cabbage, and baked green pea falafels

Grain Bowl (GF) Cup (7) Bowl (9) (optional soft-boiled farm egg +2)

Coconut green curry with seasonal vegetables, served over whole grain freekeh, garnished with microgreens, toasted coconut and cashews

Soup of the Day Cup (6) Bowl (8) optional toast (+2) optional rice (+2) optional farm egg (+2)


-Coffee- by Counter Culture

Seasonal drip coffee (2/2.50)

Café au Lait: (3.25/3.75)

Espresso (3) (all espresso drinks double-shot)

Americano (3.25)

Macchiato (3.5)

Cortado (3.5)

Flat White (3.75)

Cappuccino (3.75)

Latte (4.25)

Mocha (4.5/5)

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate (4/4.5)

Chai Latte (4/4.5)

Dirty Chai Latte (5.75/6.25)

Golden Milk Latte (5)

Iced Latte (4.25)

Cold Brew (3/3.5)

Single-origin pour-over (4.25)

Extra shot (+2)

Almond/Oat milk (+.50)

ORGANIC TEA – by Bellocq (3)

Cold-brewed Iced Tea (varies seasonally)

Bellocq Breakfast (Indian, Chinese, and Ceylon black tea)

The Earl Grey (Ceylon tea, blue cornflowers, natural Sicilian bergamot)

White Nixon (White tea, lavender, white peony, grapefruit)

Sencha Green (Organic Japanese)

Majorelle Mint (Chinese gunpowder green tea, mint, marigold petals, citrus essence)

Green Yerba Mate (Organic Argentinian)

Hindu Holiday (Rooibos, ginger, cassia, cardamom, rose, jasmine, marigold)

Pic du Midi (Mint, black currant leaf, ginger)

Chamomile (Organic Egyptian Chamomile)


Matcha Green Tea Latte (+honey) (Iced optional) (5)

Lavender Latte (4.75)

Lavender London Fog (4.75)

Earl Grey tea, lavender, vanilla, steamed milk

Dandelion Root Latte (4) naturally un-caffeinated

Dram Apothecary Spritzer (3)

Pine // Juniper Rose // Bergamot Lemon